1.Time and place of the Festival

The International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festival takes place in Poland every year, always usually after the 20th of May. Festival is organized in Teresin Niepokalanov - 45 km from Warsaw.

Some of the screenings and events takes place in Warsaw or - in case of need - in some other localities.

2. Aim of the Festival

- annual recapitulation of Polish and world achievment in the area of films and multimedia serving Evangelization;

- supporting creativing of films and multimedia presenting human values consistent with catholic social teaching;

- spreading the knowledge of media forms which help announce the Good News;

- aiding the international distribution and exchange of the films and multimedia carrying the above mentioned values.

3. Patronage and Organization

a/ the Festival is organised under auspices of: the Primate of Poland and - the Honorary Committee.

The Festival is supported by - the Franciscans Monastery-Niepokalanov, the Polish Cinematographie Committee, Polish Television and other ministers and organizations.

b/ The Festival is organised by the Catholic Film Association of Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe.

c/ the Director of the International Catholic Film Festival Niepokalanov 'AD is coordinating work of the Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee appoints:

- the Selection Commission which accepting the films to the Festival according to the Festival Regulations and to the Final Contest in different categories;

- the International Jury of the Festival granting statutory awards and pizes. The Jury can be divided to small groups for each category of films - if necessery.

4. Film and Multimedia Categories

a/ Films submitted will be judged in the following categories : - feature films; - documentary films; - tv and cathechetic programs; - amateur films.

b/ There are organized contests of the radio programs (drama, reportage, short weekly programs), music on CD, computer programs on CD-ROM and the internet web sites.

c/ The Selection Commission reserves the right to final classification of the films and programs according to the categories.

5. Awards and pizes

a/ The main Award of the Festival is the GRAND PRIX NIEPOKALANOV ' AD The granting of award does not depend on the category;

b/ In all film and multimedia categories it is planned to grant three statutory prizes : the first, the second and the third.

c/ International Catholic Organization for Film and Audiovisual OCIC is granted special OCIC Award besed on their own criteria.

d/ Special non statutory prizes are expected - founded by official bodies as well as individuals from Poland and abroad. The awards and their terms of granting must be given to and accepted by the Organizing Committee not later then on the opening day of the Festival.

e/ Decisions of the International Festival Jury are final ones.

6. Films submission

a/ Only films produced during last three years will be accepted. Exeptionally, if sufficiently motivated - an older films can be accepted.

b/ The films for the preselction viewing must be sent in recorded in VHS format only. Films for the previewing will be left in the Festival Archive and can be used for noncomercial screening: promotional and educational. There can be only one film on one cassette. Each film must have its own ENTRY FORM enclosed. in VHS format only. Films for the previewing will be left in the Festival Archive and can be used for noncomercial screening: promotional and educational. There can be only one film on one cassette. Each film must have its own ENTRY FORM enclosed. Films and programs can be accepted in their original language versions if there are dialogue list in Polish and/or English version are anclosed. For films with Polish language version it is necessery to enclose Polish and prefelably English dialogue lists only if they are qualified for the Final Contest.

Film and multimedial program submited must be sent in with enclosed properly filled in Entry Form to :
Catholic film Association; 2, Barska str.; 02-315 Warszaw, POLSKA   tel/fax (+48-22) 8234489.

All film and programs fulfilling the Festival requirements will enter the FESTIVAL CATALOGUE , issued in Polish and English. Decision of the Selection Commission will be published and send to the participants of the Festival not later than the 20th of April;

The decisions of the Selection Commission are final ones.

d/ Films accepted by the Selection Commission to the Final Contest can be presented during the Festival as  Betacam, Umatic, S-VHS or VHS videocassettes, PAL system only or 16 mm or 35 mm prints, radio programs on audio cassettes and CDs and must be sent in not later then the 10th of May. Shipment costs for selection and for the Final Contest are covered by the Sender. Films and programs can be taken or send back after the Festival only. Organizers reserve the rights to use substracts of awarded films for promotion eg. in television.

7. Participation in the Festival

a/ All persons wishing to participate in the Festival must send in their access on special Forms before 15th of May . The requests sent later can be accepted only when it will be possible.

8. Events and Ceremonial Closing

a/ Some special accompanying events, like seminars, exhibitions, additional non-com-petive presentations, artistic performances, video and equipment fairs can be added to the Festival.The participants of the Festival will have the opportunity to take part in the Holy Mass every day.

b/ The Ceremonial Closing of the Festival and annoucement of the awards and prizes will be held in Warsaw - the last days of the Festival.

Director of the International Catholic Film 
and Multimedia Festival Niepokalanov 'AD

/ - / Zygmunt Gutowski

The Organizing Committee of the International Catholic Film 
and Multimedia Festival Niepokalano
ul. Barska 2;
    02-315 Warszawa, POLAND ;

tel/fax. ( 4822) 823-44-89     e-mail: gutowski@waw.pdi.net

Internet: www.warszawa.org.pl/niepokalanow