The 16th International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festival Niepokalanov 2001

Dear Friends!

We would like to invite you to the next 16th International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festival Niepokalanov 2001, taking place between the 14th of May 2001 (Opening Ceremony at 11 in Niepokalanov) and 19rd of May 2001 (Closing Ceremony in Warsaw at 7 pm) .

The festival is organised by The Catholic Film Association supported by the Franciscans Niepokalanov Monastery, Committee for Cinematography, Polish Television SA, and Foundation for Warsaw as well as Our Warsaw Institute. The Primate of Poland Joseph Cardinal Glemp takes personal patronate and the Honorary Committee consists of the Polish Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek, Parliament and Government Members, representatives of science and culture from Poland and abroad.

We are accepting films in four categories:

- Feature films; - documentaries; - amateur films; - educational and catechetic programs.

The deadline for sending preview copies of the films on VHS cassette is

The 28th of February 2001

We are accepting also:

- Radio programs (testimonies, reportage, catechesis);

- Audio records on CD;

- Computer programs on CD-ROM;

- Proposal for new programs (Multimedia for Family);

- Religious and educational Internet web-sites.

The deadline for sending in the films is 28th of February;

for sending in radio programs; music records; multimedia program on cd romms and internet web sites is the 30th of April 2001. Our address:

the 16th International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festival ul. Barska 2; 02-315 Warszawa - POLSKA

tel./ fax (+48-22) 823-44-89 tel. (+48-22) 668-71-08

E-mail: Internet:

Waiting your visit in Poland! God bless!

Zygmunt Gutowski - Festival director

Please fill up the entry form:


I am sending in:

Feature film; Documentary; TV cathechetic program; Amateur film;

Radio program; Music record (cassette or CD); CD-ROM; Web site

Original title........

English title..........

Polish title.........







World Distributor:





Main actors:

Country and year of production:

Language: original dubbing subtitles script

Technical data of master: 16mmm 35mm Betacam Hi8 VHS

Running time:

Lacation and date of the first performance

Festivals the film been shown before, prizes

Brief synopsis

Biographical note of director

Please send this form by mail, mail or fax

and by mail - previewing VHS or Bectacam copy, script in English or Polish(if possible) and advertising materials (VHS cassette and advertising materials will be left in the Festival Archive) to the address:

Festival Niepokalanow 2001

ul. Barska 2;

02-315 Warszawa


Phone/fax (+48-22) 823-44-89