Polonia Multimedia Festival

“Polish Homelands 2006”

Information – Set of rules

  1. The time and the place of festival
  2. 23 Mai 2006, 5 pm Festival Opening Ceremony(before the state visit of Pope Benedict XVI in Poland) – The John Paul II collection, Galeria Porczyńskich in Warsaw.

    June – September 2006.Screenings in Warsaw, Częstochowa and in the other cities.

    16 October 2006 –A Formal Gala of the festival. Presentation of awards and screening of awarded movies– Polonia University in Częstochowa.

    November, December– screenings in Poland and abroad (polish ex – pat organizations, embassies)

    December– screenings during History Books Fair in Warsaw.

  3. The festival organizers.
  4. Polonia University in Częstochowa

    Ul. Pułaskiego 4/6 42-200 Częstochowa Poland

    Ph. + 48 (034) 368 09 21 Fax + 48 (034) 324 96 62

    e – mail:festival@ap.edu.pl;ap@ap.edu.pl;www.ap.edu.pl

    Polska – Europa – Polonia Foundation

    Ul. Białostocka 22 lok.G 03-741 Warszawa

    Ph. + 48 602 126 206 Ph/Fax + 48 (022) 398 70 70

    e – mail:festpol@warszawa.mazowsze.pl;pep@warszawa.mazowsze.pl

    ¦wiatowe Stowarzyszenie Dziedzictwa Kulturowego (World Heritage Association of) Polonii w Częstochowie

    Ul. Pułaskiego 4/6 42-200 Częstochowa Poland

    Ph. + 48 (034) 368 42 27 Fax + 48 (034) 324 96 62

    e – mail:sdkp@ap.edu.pl;www.ap.edu.pl

  5. The supporting Festival organizers.
    1. The purpose of Festival.
    2. The Festival is open for all artists, professional or amateurs from all over the World, dealing in their works with the subject of “Polonia” ( polish ex-pat organizations) and polish people living abroad. The purpose of Festival is the presentation of polish communities abroad, their heritage and links with the Motherland, life stories of Poles abroad, their carriers and professional successes, everyday life as well as looking for their roots, original culture, building up of polish local communities based on common consciousness, cultural heritage and its preservarion.

      Polish Ex-pat (Polonia) Multimedia Festival has the purpose of supporting and preserving the national and state traditions, spread the knowledge of Polish historic experience, national tradition, and the history of polish culture, using the newest multimedia techniques.

      Multimedia Festival is bound to develop the patriotism, document the development of the culture, polish historic experiences, tradition and common consciousness of Polish People.

      Particularly welcomed at the Festival are the multimedia dealing with poles achievement around the Globe, and their activity in new adopted homelands. The Festival is also supposed to show historically the richness of the achievement of polish emigration and in this the activity of polish community abroad for the preservation of national character, language, and tradition of the land of their fathers. Awarded works will through the use of most modern techniques of communication, serve as a medium to popularise the past and foster the respect for the tradition.

    3. History of the Festival.
    4. The Festival is a continuation of the Fist International Film Festival organised by the Polonia University in Częstochowa (8 – 11 October 2004) and First and Second Polish Ex-pat Multimedia Show 2004 and 2005 organised by Catholic Film Association during International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festivals in Niepokalanów.

    5. Classes of competition.
    6. Festival will be awarding prices in following classes.

    7. Festival rules.
    1. The festival is geared for new productions, finished after year 2000. In special circumstances older works will be admitted.
    2. The author or a company presenting the work is automatically giving the organisers permission to present the production in the competition and at the shows linked with the Festival, as well as in the Festival promotional material and the post festival materials ( cassettes, CDs and DVDs, folders, posters and sites )
    3. The condition of admittance of the material is filling in of theEntry Card with Attachments.
    4. The Select Commissionunder the supervision of the Directors of the Festival, will select material to be shown. The decisions of theCommission – which works to it’s own set of rules – are final, and the Commission does not have to justify it’s deciosions.
    5. The Panel of Judges will appraise the material presented by The Commission and will award prizes and special prizes in each category. The Panel works on the basis of a separate set of rules.
    6. The prizes will be presented at the special Festival Gala on 16 October 2006 at the Polonia University in Częstochowa.
    7. Directors of the Festival are responsible for the organization of the event. They will be also together forming a committee to resolve any issues or disputes not covered by the rules above.
    8. The participants cover their own costs.

    8. Technical requirements to be complied with by the films and multimedia programs.

    1. In order to have your material accepted by the Select Commission you have to submit a copy of it on DVD, CD, CDROM by a final deadline of 15 September 2006, together with the Entry Form and attachments, to the address of Polonia University in Częstochowa or the Federation Polska – Europa – Polonia in Warsaw.Submitted materials will remain in the Festival archive.
    2. For every film, reportage or TV program should have supplied with it anEntry Form with Attachments.This is an only basis of cataloguing and evidencing the material ( this form is available in the offices of the festival or on internet sites:www.warszawa.mazowsze.pl/festpolorwww.ap.edu.pl/festiwal
    3. Signing of the Entry Form means the acceptance of Festival set of rules (regulamin)
    4. Only the materials entered and supplied on the medium marked in the Entry Form.
    5. Copies of films and programs taking part in festival screenings have to be supplied to the organisers (on the medium marked in the Entry Form)at least a weekbefore opening of the festival.
    6. Each of the films and programs has to bi marked with the title, names of authors as well as the credits from the end of the show, with the production date.
    7. Every film, reportage or TV program has to besupplied on a separate carrierrewound to the beginning of the program.
    8. Each work should have a permanent marking showing the title and the author.
    9. Omitting any of the above requirements may result in non admission of the work to be shown at the Festival.
    10. The Festival directors may invite to be screened outside of the competition, a work which did not go through the acceptance procedure by Festival Select Commission.
    1. Festival prizes.

    Organizers of International Multimedia Festival “Polish homelands 2006” envisage the following prizes:

    1. Grand Prix – for the best work in the category of movies, radio programs, multimedia programs as well as Internet sites www.
    2. The standard prizes in each category.
    3. Special prizes.

    The Panel of Judges reserves the right for another arrangement of prizes. Decisions of the Panel are final.

    1. Extra rules.
    1. Festival prizes will be presented to the authors or their representatives during the presentation ceremony, at the end of the Festival. Prizes for the absent artists will be delivered.
    2. The organisers reserve the right for coping the films and TV programs competing in the festival, for the selection purposes, promotion or other use for festival purposes.
    3. The above set of rules is the only one applying to International Multimedia Festival “Polish homelands 2006”

    Festival Directors

    ks. prof. dr.Andrzej Kryński –Rector. Polonia University

    red. inż. Zygmunt Gutowski –Chairman. Polska – Europa – Polonia Foundation

    o. prof. dr hab. Bolesław Rakoczy –GeneralSecretary. International Organization of Cultural Heritage of Polish Ex-pats


    Polish Ex-pat (Polonia) Multimedia Festival

    “Polish homelands 2006”

    Eminent Persons and Honorary Committee

    Under the Patronage of eminent persons

    His Excellency prof. Dr hab. Lech Kaczyński– President of Poland*

    His Excellency Ryszard Kaczorowski– former President of Poland

    Honorable commity

    dr Marek Jurek –dputy speaker Polish Sejm (lower House)

    Mr Bogdan Borusewicz –Senate Speaker (Upper House) *

    prof. dr hab. Ryszard Bender –Senator, Chairman of the Committee for emigration and liaison with Polish Ex- pats.

    dr Janusz Dobosz –MP. Chairman of the Committee for liaison with Polish Ex- pats*

    prof. dr hab. Michał Seweryński– Minister of Science and tertiary Education.

    dr Kazimierz Michał Ujazdowski –Minister ofCvultureand National Heritage

    Roman Giertych –Minister of National Education

    dr Adam Struzik –Marszałek Województwo Mazowieckie

    Michał Czarski -Marszałek Województwo ¦l±skie

    Mirosław Kochalski –acting Mayor of Capital City Warsaw

    dr Tadeusz Wrona –Mayor of Częstochowa

    prof. dr hab. Andrzej Stelmachowski– Chairman Stowarzyszenie “Wspólnota Polska”

    Bronisław Wildstein –Chairman Telewizja Polska S.A.

    Antoni Bartkiewicz –Dyrektor TV Polonia TVP SA

    His Excellency Andrzej Krzeczunowicz –former Polish Ambassador at NATO, UZE, Belgium and Luxemburg

    His Excellency Grzegorz Łubczyk- former Polish Ambassador in Hungary

    dr Graham E. White KCOM– honorary consul of Poland

    prof. dr hab. Jerzy Buzek– former PM of Poland, Honorary patron of Polonia University, Eurodeputy

    Ligia Urniaż Grabowska– senator IV term, Polish Senate

    Czesław Ryszka- senator VI term, Polish Senate

    ks. prof. dr. hab Edward Walewander –Head of comparative Pedagogy at KUL

    ks. dr. Juzef Szymański –Director of Research Institute on Mission for Poles Abroad at KUL

    prof. dr. Norman Davies –Historian, publicist, Oxford University

    prof. dr. Bogdan Piotrowski– Universidad de la Sabena, Columbia

    o. prof. dr. Antoni H Wróbel –rektor of Polish Catholic Mission in Argentina

    Agata Bouvy Kalinowska– Polish Association of Journalists and translators in Paris

    Janina Porczyńska– co-founder with husband Z. Porczyński, The John Paul II collection, in Warsaw.

    Bogdan Kurant– Director,The John Paul II collection, in Warsaw.

    Archbishop S.L. GłódĽ– Chairman Episcopate Council of Poland, Media Section

    Ks. Zdzisław Peszkowski –priest for the families of Katyń veterans

    o. Tadeusz Rydzyk –Director Radio Maryja

    o. Adam Schulz SJ –chairman Polish Council of Catholic Movements

    solicitor Tadeusz Szymański –ChairmanPolish Catholic Bar Association

    prof. Wiesław Wysocki –Chairman of the Foundation for Polish victims of war in the east


    Chairmen of major Polish Organisations abroad

    A consultation Council in Polish Senate, American Polish Congress, USOPAL and